Bitcoin credit card: The best of both worlds – fast & uncomplicated

The Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies shine through speed should be clear to many by now. Within seconds or minutes we can confirm payments and overtake slow traditional transfers.

But since the adoption of digital currencies is not yet so widespread, you can use the speed of the blockchain in a different way: With Bitcoin credit cards, more precisely with Visa prepaid cards.

Hardly have you been travelling in the world of digital currencies for a while, when you make your first payment. Carefully you might pay on the gaming platform Steam with Bitcoin, or use your smartphone wallet for the first time.

It takes a few minutes – quite simply and completely independent of where someone is in the world. With really little information that you have to reveal.

But that doesn’t happen everywhere. The king among the traditional payment methods is without question the credit card. What was then only an everyday term for business travellers and “well earners” is now accessible to almost everyone.

Sometimes the thought comes to mind these days: “But that cost something, isn’t it expensive? The fear of losing control, because money is money and everyone wants to have their sheep in the dry.

Both worlds
Only recently did I want to pay for a service on the Internet. The payment methods were relatively sparse, only credit cards were accepted. A bank transfer would not be accepted, I was told, it would take too long until the receipt was confirmed.

“Then get a Bitcoin payment service provider, like BitPay, or something like that…”, I thought to myself.

All well and good. So slowly a credit card has to be here. It should also help abroad. But I don’t want to completely renounce digital currencies either. So I thought to myself, “There must be a way to combine the broad acceptance of a credit card with the speed and security of a blockchain”.

And they exist!

Bitcoin Visa Card
Everyone probably knows prepaid cards. For the telephone, they are probably the most commonly known: I have credit on my card and can only spend that. If I want to spend more, I have to top up the credit first. Simple concept and full cost control.

In the midst of a forest of different credit card providers, there is a subgroup of prepaid Visa cards. The joke of the story: An application is usually confirmed within minutes, but it takes 1-2 weeks to send the actual card.

“That’s the future,” I thought ironically.

But there are two Bitco!
There are two Bitcoin Visa Card providers out there that I’d like to introduce to you today!

How long does it take them to send your card?

A few minutes! Because here you work with virtual Visa-Cards. Thus one can read the necessary information which one needs simply from the browser or from the App. Even paying at the card reader is possible as long as your smartphone and the terminal support NFC!

And if you still want a card you can have it sent to you and use the virtual card during this time! Simply load and use with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash. This is basically how you pay traditional companies with Bitcoin!

You’ve got two choices down below. There you can watch the video tutorials about Cryptopay or shakepay. Cryptopay* takes about 30 – 45 minutes from account opening to first payment. Shakepay takes about 20 – 30 minutes, but is still in beta, so the handling might be a bit bumpy. Cryptopay works mainly via the browser, while Shakepay is available with an Android app (which allows NFC payment at the card reader).