Our impressions of Bitcoin Evolution

At the beginning of June the Blockchain Expo took place in Berlin, a conference about Blockchain technology. BTC-ECHO was of course there to report interesting exhibitors and presentations. Bitcoin Evolution exhibition on artificial intelligence The Blockchain Expo took place together with an exhibition on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. Approximately 50 companies have set up stands on a large exhibitor area, so that representatives of Deloitte and PwC could be contacted as well as companies specified for certain Blockchain-based use cases such as Aeternity or Bitwala. The first venue was called Blockchain Technologies, the latter Blockchain for Industry. Accordingly, … Continue reading Our impressions of Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin credit card: The best of both worlds – fast & uncomplicated

The Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies shine through speed should be clear to many by now. Within seconds or minutes we can confirm payments and overtake slow traditional transfers. But since the adoption of digital currencies is not yet so widespread, you can use the speed of the blockchain in a different way: With Bitcoin credit cards, more precisely with Visa prepaid cards. Background Hardly have you been travelling in the world of digital currencies for a while, when you make your first payment. Carefully you might pay on the gaming platform Steam with Bitcoin, or use your smartphone … Continue reading Bitcoin credit card: The best of both worlds – fast & uncomplicated